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Fiduciary Solutions is committed to providing fiduciary services to our clients to assist them in accomplishing their goals and objectives. We pride ourselves on providing individualized services on a very personal basis, and dedicated to… 

Our Services to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Personal Representative

As Executor we can manage complicated personal, legal and tax issues involved with distributing the assets of an estate

Trustee Services

We can help you evaluate your long term goals and establish a trust to manage financial, tax or investment services.


As a court appointed conservator we can ensure that the assets of your loved one are professionally managed and protected.

Power of Attorney

As your Attorney-In-Fact, we have the expertise to ensure that your assets are professionally managed and protected.


As a court appointed guardian we can make the difficult decisions that affect your loved ones’s well being, care and comfort.

Providing Fiduciary Services in Minnesota Since 2010

Fiduciary Solutions has been providing fiduciary services to our clients since 2010. We are pleased to provide personal, individualized services to help our clients and their loved ones plan and reach their goals.

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