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When you need help with planning for or caring for a loved one in Pillager, you need a Fiduciary Attorney you can count on. One with the experience and expertise you require to help you plan and protect the goals for your loved ones.

Since 2010 Fiduciary Solutions has been providing personal Fiduciary Services to our clients in Pillager to help them accomplish their goals and objectives.

Our Pillager trust lawyers are dedicated to…
  • Maintaining the care and dignity of our clients and their loved ones
  • Maintaining the highest professional and ethical standard in providing the services
  • Maintaining a personal relationship with our clients and their families
Our attorneys provide these Estate Planning Services in Pillager MN
Personal Representative

Distributing the assets of a deceased individual can be a complicated personal and legal issue. A probate court will appoint a Personal Representative to oversee the distribution of the assets of a Decedent who died with or without a Last Will and Testament. Fiduciary Solutions has the experience and expertise to handle these issues as a neutral, unbiased third party.


Typically, a Trustee is a fiduciary and assumes a position of “trust” responsible for executing and maintaining a trust. A corporate trustee, such as Fiduciary Solutions, can provide services which an individual trustee may not be in a position to provide, such as dealing with emotional issues, tax issues or investment services.


A Conservatorship is created for the purpose of protecting the assets and income of a vulnerable person and is court appointed. A vulnerable person may be one who is ill, easily influenced or easily pressured. Fiduciary Solutions has the experience to handle the affairs of the individual and report to the courts as required.

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a legal document which designates another person as an Attorney-In-Fact with the authority to act on an individual’s behalf if unable or unwilling to act on his or her own. A power of attorney is similar to a conservatorship without the court’s involvement.


A Guardianship is appointed to manage the needs of an individual who is unable to make or communicate responsible decisions due to a mental or physical disability. Fiduciary Solutions has the experience to handle these affairs, such as financial, investment and medical decisions, as a neutral party.

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