All fees are transparent and upfront


Fiduciary Solutions provides services not products. As a result, our fees are based upon the amount of serviceable time we spend and our experience. Of course, we will explain all fees to you upfront..


The fees for trusts will vary depending on the type of trust, and the duration of the services. These fees include an initial set up fee and monthly fees as required.

Typically, the initial fee to set up a trust is $450. After that, the fees for acting as a trustee will be a fixed monthly rate agreed on before commencing any services. These monthly fees will be based on the services required by the trustee and the duration of the services provided. This fixed monthly fee may increase no more than 5% per year, depending on any costs incurred by Fiduciary Solutions.

Other Services

Other services provided by Fiduciary Solutions will be billed on an hourly rate based on the services to be provided. Most services will have an initial setup fee of $500. After that, the fee rate would range between $50 to $125 per hour.

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