Power of Attorney

Acting of behalf of an individual to manage financial and personal affairs

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a legal document in which one person (the principal) designates another person as an Attorney-In-Fact with the authority to act on his or her behalf.

The Attorney-In-Fact can handle the legal and financial affairs for the principal if he or she is unable or unwilling to act on his or her own. This may be due to short-term or long-term physical, mental or age-related issues. This document serves essentially the same purpose as a conservatorship without the expense of a court proceeding and annual court reporting. A person can only sign a Power of Attorney while he or she is mentally competent to do so.

Why have a Corporate Attorney-In-Fact

Like a Conservatorship, a Corporate Attorney-In-Fact provide the same services as a Conservator without the emotional involvement by an individual.

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